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Trigger - Coonhound Stud Dog

  • Location: Chesterton, IN
  • Age: 4 years
  • Fee: $500.00, negotiable
  • Certification: United Kennel Club
  • Phone: 219-545-5728
  • Email:
Trigger is a Beautiful Bluetick Coonhound. He is the prettiest Bluetick, I have ever seen. His Great-Grand Dam was a UKC Purple Ribbon bred Grand National Champion for 2 years. He is therefore considered Purple Ribbon Bred. Great hunting skills, field-trained, excellent house companion, hunted semi-regularly but not in competion. He is tenancious in the field, has an excellent sense of his whereabouts in the woods (he comes back to you and is not a run off), excellent nose, great foot placement(his line is known for ground work). Willing to travel to bring stud to Dam, so she is more comfortable in her owm environment. Looking to get a pup that can go on to compete in hunting field trials for Coonhounds and loving pets for family homes. WIll reduce Stud Fee to $250.00 and 2 Picks of the litter. Serious inquiries only.